As someone at my mom’s office likes to say, I would describe myself as a “gluten intensive” kind of person. It is all the rage these days to be cutting out breads and all other derivatives of dough, but I truly can’t imagine life without morning croissants and afternoon tea cakes. And there is simply […]

Anna Rifle Bond

While Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. may not have the same edge or cool-factor as some of my other favorite designers, her sweet simplicity and absolute attention to detail deserve some major praise. I first saw her signature floral paintings in Anthropologie several years ago, but didn’t connect the dots to Rifle Paper Co. […]

Swiss MIss

Perhaps the most beloved of all internet design bloggers, Tina Roth Eisenberg (better known as Swiss Miss) is a twenty-first century Renaissance woman who is all about making things happen. She is the source of many things that make my life better, like Creative Mornings and Teux Deux, in addition to providing endless blog content […]

Jessica Hische as Graphic Madonna

Over the last several months, I have become well acquainted with a new community. I know what these people like to eat, how they started their career, and a few oddball secrets here and there. This is not a local community, or tangible community at all, but the world of designers that internet blackhole clicking […]

Creative Mornings Seattle

I recently read (or began to read, but didn’t finish because of my generationally-appropriate short attention span) that the media world is beginning to shift in response to the emergence of binge consumerism. There is little room for patience in a culture where we have multiple, constant steams of stimulation and people like me “can’t” take the time to […]

The other night while taking in an usual moment alone on a late night ferry crossing, I felt alarmingly sad. While I had been looking forward to the ride, I found the empty boat to be a reminder of how small Seattle can feel. There was nobody else in sight save for a few slouchy […]

Karen O

Happy Valentine’s Day, world! I have been spending the day at work listening to the great Motown love songs and updating our office website. I also had a listen to Karen O’s beautiful love song for Spike Jonze’s new film, Her, and was completely captivated by this video of them playing it live together. Karen […]


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